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Here is a poem I wrote for the January Mini-Challenge over at [community profile] kink_bingo. We were to remix a work--our own or someone else's. I chose to do a poem inspired by a fic I wrote called Keep Traveling On, wherein doctor!Nate falls in love with werewolf!Eliot.

Pairing: Nate/werewolf!Eliot
Prompt: Animal play

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Here are some icons I did for [community profile] kink_bingo for the prompt "uniforms/military kink." As most of you know, I have a pretty ironclad uniform kink. For this icon set, I focused on law enforcement uniforms worn by characters during cons Leverage. I love the emblems on their shoulders, the gloves (drool), the colors, just all of it. But I also love how much the characters seem to relish putting them on. When Eliot puts on a police uniform, for example, he forgets he's not really a cop, even insisting that he and Hardison take a call. With Hardison and Parker, I think part of the fascination of wearing a uniform rests in its power, but for Eliot, I think it symbolizes more than that. He respects the authority of the uniform, and he seems to want to live up to it, to be worthy of it.

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Here are some icons of Alec Hardison from "The Studio Job." I made them for [community profile] kink_bingo for the prompt "silk velvet feathers furs"

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