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Eliot/Nate picspam done for prompt: medical kink for [community profile] kink_bingo.

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Adam Levine, Supernatural, and Leverage icons done for [community profile] kink_bingo:

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Well, here were are again. I'm frustrated with the Livejournal situation, and who knows when it will be over this time. Le sigh. I hope it's fixed soon. While this is a lovely vacation home, I want to sleep in my own bed. :/ Where's Alec Hardison when you need him?

Also, the state of fandom over here is kind of blah. I wish there were more sites revolving around my core interests--Leverage and Kane. While I know there are some lovely Leverage comms, the current scope seems rather narrow. I'd love to see a Nate/Eliot comm. And definitely a Chris/Steve one. Perhaps a mirror comm to the one on LJ (so we have a place to post and read fic during LJ blackouts). I know at least two of my comms have mirror comms. I don't know. Just thinking out loud.

I'm stuck at work without a car, so I figure I'll try to get some Big Bang writing done. Most of my WIPs are at home, but I'm sure I can still get some ideas down by hand.

I am impatiently waiting for the newest Leverage. Just a few days now! That preview was all kinds of epic.

One plus of this journal: I get to stare at Chris's arms in my header. *drool*


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