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EDIT: Right now, these links go back to LJ. I'll link them to the stories archived here later on.

Angel the Series

Hero (Lindsey-centric, PG-13) - Summary: After leaving LA, Lindsey finds himself battling an infestation of vampires in a small town. Written with [personal profile] inspired_looney for [profile] whedonland.

Moving Forward (Lindsey-centric, AU, PG) - Summary: AU for "Blind Date." After Angel reaches out to Lindsey, Lindsey decides to leave Wolfram and Hart and come to work at Angel Investigations. Written for [community profile] au_bingo.

The Detective (AU, Gen, PG) - Summary: Victorian AU. Cordelia Chase moves to London and goes to work for a moody detective. Written for [community profile] au_bingo.


Losing Battle Part I, Part II, Part III (Nick/Greg, PG-13) - Summary Nick Stokes walks into a bar...

Decontamination (Nick/Greg, PG-13) - Summary: Greg tries to help Nick cleanse himself after a difficult case.

Dear Diary - Summary: Greg finds Nick's diary.

Strength - Summary: Greg has difficulty dealing with the job.

First Dates - Summary: This is a series of snippets that trace the progression of Nick and Greg’s relationship from their first meeting to their first actual date. They take place over a two or three year period.

CSI: Miami

Special Occasion - (Eric/Calleigh, PG) - Summary: Eric and Calleigh celebrate a special occasion.

Midnight Pick-Up - (Eric/Calleigh, PG) - Summary: Calleigh drives Eric home.

More or Less - (Eric/Calleigh, Speed/Tyler, PG) - Summary: A conversation with Tyler prompts Eric to go see Calleigh.

Almost - (Eric/Calleigh, R) - Summary: Something almost-but-not-quite happens between Calleigh and Eric shortly after Eric starts working at the lab.

Pledge - (Eric/Calleigh, PG-13) - Summary: Eric and Calleigh try to resolve some issues.


Late Night Stories of Ghosts and War (Mal Reynolds/Simon Tam, PG-13) - Summary: While the crew tries to spook each other with ghost stories, Mal tries to sort out his feelings for an injured Simon.

Warmth (Mal Reynolds/Simon Tam, PG) - Summary: When Mal is weighed down with painful memories, Simon tries to reach out and form a connection with him.

Professional Appearance (Mal/Simon, PG) - Summary: Mal decides Simon needs to dress more like a criminal. Originally written for [community profile] comment_fic.

Beyond the Stars (Mal/Inara, Wash/Zoe, PG) - Summary: Present Day AU. Mal Reynolds and his wife Inara are headed to a barbeque at the Washburne house. Mal is a little down, because he feels trapped by his suburban existence. Written for [community profile] au_bingo.

Kane RPS

Scattered Confessions (Chris/Steve, PG-13) - Summary: This is a series of moments between Chris and Steve that takes them from friendship to something far deeper. Written for [profile] schmoop_bingo.

Just a Little Jealousy (Chris/Steve, PG) - Summary: Steve is a little jealous over Chris's enthusiasm over working with John Schneider. Chris thinks it's hysterically funny. Written for [profile] kissbingo.

Empty (Chris/Steve, PG-13) - Summary It breaks Chris's heart to wake up to an empty bed. Written for [profile] angst_bingo.

Home (Chris/Steve, PG-13) - Summary: Steve comes home. Sequel to Empty. Written for [profile] kissbingo.

Embrace (Chris/Steve, PG), - Summary: There is so much promise in one embrace.

The Roommate Part I, Part II, Part III (Chris/Steve, PG-13) - Summary: AU. Troubled Chris agrees to move into an old Victorian house with his best friend Steve, but little do either of them know that their new home is occupied by matchmaking ghost. Psychic!Chris, Skeptic!Steve, and Ghost!Jensen.

Side with a Side Order of Guilt (Chris/Steve, PG) - Summary: When Chris gets sick and has to leave stage, he starts to worry that he's let down Steve and the fans. Written for [profile] angst_bingo.


Trust (Gen, PG-13) - Summary: Eliot wasn’t used to people caring what happened to him. Written for [personal profile] leveragexchange.

Family Meeting (Gen, PG) - Summary: Nate tells the team about Sophie’s departure. Written for [community profile] leverageland.

Lost and Found (Gen, PG-13) - Summary: - Eliot finds himself wounded and dying after an old adversary returns but fortunately, his team has his back. Written for [community profile] hc_bingo.

Shelter (Gen, PG-13) - Summary: Eliot tries to put a drunken Nate to bed after a bad night. Spoilers for "The Maltese Falcon Job." Written for [community profile] hc_bingo.

Of Bad Boys and Old Band Rooms (Eliot/Hardison, PG) - Summary: Alec Hardison is a bullied teenager, and Eliot is the mysterious new kid in school. Written for [community profile] hc_bingo and [community profile] au_bingo.

Togetherness (Eliot/Hardison, PG_ Summary: High School AU. Alec’s dreams of alone time with Eliot are thwarted by Parker. Written for [profile] hs_bingo. Takes place in the same 'verse as "Of Bad Boys and Old Band Rooms."

Simple Things (Nate/Eliot, PG) - Summary: Eliot confronts his fears about the past and the future. Written for [profile] schmoop_bingo.

Sleepless Nights (Nate/Eliot, PG-13) - Summary: When Eliot can't sleep, he often winds up over at Nate's place. Written for [community profile] hc_bingo.

A Rare Lazy Day (Gen, PG) - Summary: The team spends the day at the beach. Written for [profile] schmoop_bingo.

I Think You're Han Solo (Gen, PG) - Summary: After watching the Star Wars trilogy with Hardison, Parker decides that Eliot has a lot in common with Han Solo.

A Little Dirt (Nate/Eliot, PG) - Summary: Nate and Eliot make out. That's about it, lol. Written for [profile] kissbingo.

All Right (Gen, G) - Summary: Nate and Parker share a quiet moment. Written for [profile] kissbingo.

Distraction (Nate/Eliot, PG) - Summary: Nate distracts Eliot during one of Sophie's plays. Written for [profile] kissbingo.

Ghost of Innocence (Eliot/Aimee, PG) - Summary: Eliot and Aimee love each other, but that might not be enough. Written for [profile] kissbingo.

A Little Downtime (Eliot/Alec, PG) - Summary: A missing scene that leads up to the final scene between Eliot and Alec in "The Gone Fishin' Job." Written for as a gift for [personal profile] carinascott at [profile] caperland.

Labryinth (Gen, PG) - Summary: Sophie contemplates life and identity. Written for [community profile] leverageland.

Guy Talk (Nate/Eliot, PG) - Summary: Nate and Eliot chat over beer and pizza. Written for as a gift for [personal profile] lifefiction at [profile] caperland.

Normal (Parker and McSweeten, PG)- Summary: It's nice to be normal for a little while. Written for [profile] schmoop_bingo.

Wrapped in a Warm Blanket (Pre-Parker/Eliot/Hardison, PG) - Summary: When Eliot has a bad day, Parker and Hardison show up to make it better. Written for [profile] schmoop_bingo.

Hope (Nate/Eliot, R) - Summary: Space AU (yes, really). With the earth in its final days, Nate Ford books passage on a transport ship to the colonies. Little did he know he'd run into an old flame. Written for [community profile] hc_bingo and [community profile] au_bingo.

Broken (Gen, PG-13) - Summary: When Eliot is discovered and critically injured during a job, all Nate can do is watch and wait. Written for [profile] angst_bingo.

Hold My Hand (Eliot/Parker, PG) - Summary: As the team is finishing up a job, Eliot struggles with memories of a past trauma. Written for [personal profile] meghan_84 for the [profile] leverage_sesa.

Company (Eliot/Parker, PG) - Summary: Eliot and Parker like to keep each other company after difficult jobs. Written for [profile] betty_mraz at [community profile] leverageland.

Not Tonight (Gen, PG) - Summary: Eliot remembers someone he'd rather forget. Written for [profile] angst_bingo.

A Beautiful Thing (AU, PG) - Summary Maybe the Big Bad Wolf isn't so bad. Written for [community profile] au_bingo.

For Morale (Gen, PG) - Summary: Eliot struggles to regain Hardison's trust following the events of "The Big Bang Job." Written for [community profile] leverageland.

The Heart (Gen, PG-13) - Summary: The team tries to pick up the pieces after Eliot is injured on a job. Sequel to Broken.

Connection (AU, Nate/Roy Chappell, PG) - Summary: Sports AU based on Eliot’s character in “The Three Strikes Job.” Roy Chappell is a soon-to-be-has-been baseball player, but he finds kinship in insurance investigator Nate Ford. Written for [community profile] au_bingo.

The Prohibition Job (AU, Team!Fic, PG) - Summary: 1920s AU. A glimpse into what it might be like if the Leverage team were working during the Prohibition era.

Every Team Needs a Ghost (AU, Humor, PG) - Summary: After a mishap on a job, Parker becomes a ghost, and Eliot is the lucky person who has the ability to see her. Written for [community profile] au_bingo.

Hugs and Kisses (pre-Eliot/Parker/Hardison, PG) - Summary: When Agent McSweeten gives her a note after a job, Parker asks Eliot and Hardison to explain the strange language he used.

Fireplaces and Fluffy Blankets (Nate/Eliot, PG) - Summary: After Eliot comes back from a job wet and freezing, Nate cuddles him in front of a nice, toasty fireplace.

Eliot's No-Good Very Bad Day (Nate/Eliot, PG) - Summary: Eliot's sense of honor and chivalry gets him a trip to the doctor. Written for [community profile] hc_bingo.

Once Trust is Broken (Gen, PG) - Summary: Hardison finds himself struggling to trust Eliot after the events of "The Big Bang Job."

Fragility (Gen, PG) - Summary: After his PTSD becomes an issue, Eliot is ashamed to face the team. Written for [profile] angst_bingo.

Shelter from the Storm (Eliot-Sophie friendship, PG) - Summary: Eliot and Sophie decide to take a night away from the team.

Time For Me To Fly (Gen, PG) - Summary: When Parker is threatened by Eliot's past, Eliot decides it's time to walk away from the team. Written for [profile] angst_bingo.

Multi-Fandom Crossovers

Incidents (Crossover, Charmed/Stargate: Atlantis, PG) - Summary: After the events of "Enemy at the Gate," Major Evan Lorne takes Sheppard and company to meet his San Francisco-based cousins, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. Written for [profile] stargateland.

Detained (Crossover, Leverage/Stargate: SG-1, PG) - Summary: During a routine job, the Leverage team is detained by a secret military team with ties to Eliot's past. Written for [community profile] leverageland.

Folk Tales (Crossover, SPN/Firefly, PG) - Summary: After the crew runs into a mysterious figure from Shepherd Book’s past, they take him in as part of the crew. Written for [personal profile] skieswideopen for [profile] xover_exchange. I used the prompts "It turns out that one of the side effects of being raised from hell by an angel is a greatly extended lifespan" and "shared history."

Pick-Up (Crossover, SPN/Angel, Dean/Lindsey, PG-13) - Summary: Dean Winchester decides to pick up Lindsey McDonald in a small-town bar. Written for [profile] kissbingo.

Small Talk (Crossover, Stargate: SG-1/Warehouse 13, Gen, G) - Summary: Teal'c and Claudia meet in a coffee shop. Written for [profile] crossovers_las.

The Sun is Broken (Crossover, SG-1/Leverage, Gen, PG) - Summary: When an artifact goes missing, Daniel and Sam pay Eliot Spencer a visit. Written for [profile] stargateland.

Neck Deep in Trouble (Crossover, Leverage/SPN, PG-13) - Summary: Eliot Spencer comes to the aid of an old friend, Dean Winchester. Too bad Dean is always neck deep in trouble.

Stargate: Atlantis

Fragmented Beginnings (Evan Lorne/Ronon Dex, PG-13) - Summary: Summary: Lorne and his team are hit by an ambush.

Midnight Chat (Evan Lorne/Ronon Dex) - Summary: Lorne and Ronon chat after the events of "Doppleganger."

Closure (Gen, PG) - Summary: Sheppard and Lorne have a chat following the events of “Tabula Rasa.”

Memories Remain (Evan Lorne/Ronon Dex, PG) - Summary: When Lorne loses a team member, Ronon reaches out to him. Written for [community profile] hc_bingo.

Segments (Evan Lorne/John Sheppard, PG-13) - Summary: ohn Sheppard and Evan Lorne struggle with being military officers in a burgeoning relationship with each other.

Losing Touch (Gen, PG) - Summary: After a chance encounter with an old friend, Evan Lorne realizes he's lost touch with his life outside the military. Written for [profile] angst_bingo.

Stargate: SG-1

Something Important (Gen, but can be read as Sam/Daniel, PG) - Summary: When Daniel accompanies Sam to a wedding, they sort out some of issues left unresolved after Daniel's return to the land of the living. Takes place after "Orpheus."

Daniel's Boxer Shorts Fiasco (Jack/Daniel, PG) - Summary: Never wear underwear you don't want other people to see. You never know when you'll wind up in the infirmary.

Piece of Cake (Gen, G) - Summary: All Daniel wanted to do was get Sam a birthday present. Then he called Jack.

Evasive Maneuvers (Gen, G) - Summary: The team celebrates Daniel's birthday.

Musings (Gen, PG) - Summary: Daniel reflects on his life experiences. Set after his return in Season 7. Written for [profile] stargateland littlebang challenge. My claim was "Daniel/experience."

Getting the Band Back Together (AU, Cam/Daniel, PG) - Summary: Band AU. Cam tries to get his old band back together for a charity concert, but first, he has to contend with old issues. Written for [community profile] au_bingo.

Stargate Crossovers

Welcome to Atlantis. Proceed with Caution. (Evan/Cam, PG) Summary: When Cam visits Evan on Atlantis, it's one mishap after another. Fortunately, he has Evan to give him some TLC. This was written for [community profile] hc_bingo and Lorne Fest.


Meeting of the Minds (Sean/Emma, PG) - Summary: This is an old, old story. I wrote it years ago. First of all, it ignores current continuity, as current continuity ticks me off. Also, personality-wise, this Emma here is the Emma we saw in Generation X.

Home, Home Again (Sean/Emma, PG) - Summary: This is another old one. It was written before the X-writers killed off Sean, before they stripped away all the character development we saw in Emma during Generation X, and before they made Jamie emo (although I love the current X-Factor).


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